Create it by using GLASS
Glass offers many benefits. It creates a portal through which one can view the outside world and adds a sense of grandeur to any room. It makes even a small room appear larger while simultaneously giving the eye an escape from the confines of four solid walls. Have you ever noticed how the most beautiful and captivating architecture consist of many glass components? All you see are pretty hues of clear blue and green glass. Let’s focus on hotels; the most beautiful hotels all around the world are built with many glass components. That beautiful sky scraper, what makes it look so tall and endless? It’s not the colored stucco, it’s the glass! Why create a standard wood fence, when you can create a beautiful glass fence? This is called a glass hand railing system. You see many glass fences on houses located right on the beach. People who own houses on the beach don’t want to hide their magnificent view through solid walls or fences. They want to feel and experience the ocean and sand. The same with their houses; we’ve all seen a whole side wall of a beachside house made of glass. It’s gorgeous! Instead of hiding your beautiful garden with a wood fence, it is visibly seen with a glass fence allowing you to appreciate true nature and also looks sophisticated in the same breath. It opens up your interior and exterior view.

Showers are another example. Have you ever walked into a bathroom and noticed how flawless the shower looks? No more bulk or old school showers, instead; a configuration of long glass panels, seamless from the wall. All you see is an invisible glass box…and this is your shower. It opens up your bathroom, makes it look bigger and opens up your view. You no longer will feel claustrophobic in the shower. You will feel like you’re showering out in the open.

Have you ever noticed a bathroom vanity? The most beautiful ones have green blue glass tops as opposed to common marble or travertine. Have you ever walked into an office and noticed how open the space looks or how luxurious it feels? Corporate buildings have been renovating their interior work space for years by eliminating those unwanted cubicles commonly seen. Today, offices are using glass partition walls to give a sense of hi-tech and a friendly environment. Instead of separating everyone, the office seems more spacious and more beautiful to the eye. Enhancing the aesthetics of any work space, glass frees the mind. For those of you who are familiar with ShowTime’s Entourage, take a look at Ari’s office space. The whole floor consists of glass panels. Glass is the new thing! It is beautiful, simple, modern, and hides nothing! It opens up any room and really creates a sense of mesmerizing style!

So if you find yourself wanting to renovate or make changes to anything, your best bet is choosing GLASS!

We guarantee you will enjoy it and receive many compliments as well!

By Diana C.